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A Talent Development and Entertainment Organization

TJB Productions was established in 2009 with a mission to seek out talented individuals who want to develop their skills through education and performance. We are not a talent agency but an organization founded on the premise that everyone has a talent. We specialize in Modeling, Vocals and Dance.  We work with adults from 18 years old and up that either want to start on a their passions or build on the career they already have. 

We are always on the lookout for those gifted in Fashion, Modeling, Music, Performing Arts, Poetry, Photography, and Videography. If you’re within the ages of 18 to 50, come and join our organization! Here are the benefits you could receive when you join us:

  • Photo Shoots
  • DVD of Any Show You Are a Part of
  • Clothing (When Applicable)
  • Exposure to the Industry
  • Instruction
  • Production Knowledge

We want to see you succeed! We come from diverse backgrounds and have experience in various fields. Let us help you bring your talent to life!

Meet Our Team

Todd Blunt, CEO/Artistic Director

Todd started his intertainment career in the mid 1980's. He has  built experience in multiple disciplines, including  managing and teaching. He has been an instructor and choreographer in Hawaiian studies and hula for 18 of those years. He organizes productions for a wide range of events, shows, and workshops. His career path was enhanced through modeling and nonprofit organizations. 

Todd founded TJB Productions Inc. in the fall of 2009. He understood what it is like to be a starving artist,  He had an idea that there’s so much hidden talent out there and there has to be a way to show it without spending a fortune. So he has developed training courses that are easy, geared towards adults and you dont have to mortgage the house to take. His mission is to find talented people locally and nationally, who want to show what they do without the high price tag.  By working with individuals, enhancing what they either are learning or already know, will give those people seeking skills to move on in their careers and their everyday lives! 

Todd is creative. He will try anything once.  With the premise that everyone is a performer, (regardless of their background) the fundamentals are the same. He believes in team work, talent development, and just enjoying what he does. He works full time runs all three of his own businesses. 

ALexandria Wright, Asst. Ar​tistic Director / Modeling & Stage Manager

Simone Thompson, Dance Coordinator/Choreographer

Kevin Oatis, Dance Coordinator/Choreographer

James McMurray, Coordinator/Stage